Indigenous Existential Resistance: The Sundance Practice

The Sundance is a ceremony of renewal, reconciliation and healing that centers the land as a source of life and medicine. Drs., Cash Ahenakew and Vanessa Andreotti with our Elders have developed a course that offers a land-based pedagogy based on ancestral teachings. The experience is not about studying the Sundance, but about students studying their own response to the invitation of the Elders and to their own response of witnessing and participating in this collective process of renewal and reconciliation on the land’s terms. Students spend 4 days on campus and 10 days off campus camping in the Sundance site immersed in communal relationships, teachings, and Indigenous protocols.


This course is offered through the Department of Educational studies as EDST 428(971) and EDST 595D (971) and runs from July 3-15, 2018. Registration is available on UBC’s student services centre (SSC) under “course schedule.”

For more information, please see the course flyer below: 

Course Flyer