While students may have courses required by their program, there is an array of Indigenous-specific courses to enhance their programming. Below is a listing of graduate courses with Indigenous content.

EDST 545: Indigenous Inquiry and Research

EDST 546: Indigenous Methodology and Epistemology

EDST 565A: Indigenous Existential Resistance

EDST 505: First Nations and Educational Change

LLED 513: Indigenous Storytelling in Canada

LLED 565A: Indigenous Language & Cultural Education

LLED 527: Materials Development for Indigenous Language Learning & Teaching

Below is a listing of courses offered through the Indigenous Teacher Education Program. Please note that these courses are restricted to NITEP students.

EDUC 140: Introduction to Indigenous studies

EDUC 141: Indigenous Studies

EDUC 143: Seminar and Classroom Observation

EDUC 240: Issues in Indigenous Education

EDUC 244: Seminar and Classroom Observation II

EDUC 344: Issues in Indigenous Education

EDCP 362: Curriculum Design and Evaluation, Practical and Theoretical Issues

LLED 336: Speech Communication for Teachers

EDUC 442: Critical Issues in Indigenous Education